Underground Parking

V-Cal performs parking structure repairs using epoxy injection and urethane injection to stop leaks. A permanent crack repair technique to protect steel reinforcing from corrosion, the main cause for parking deck deterioration. Corrosion occurs when water and de-icing salts from cars are allowed to enter cracks along their lengths where they intersect steel reinforcing.

Alternative crack repair methods include sealers, tapes, membranes, caulks and the list continues. Over time these materials become brittle, others curl away from surface edges due to surface creep. Ultra violet light exposure and traffic all but assure failure. The more severe the weather (hot/cold) the shorter the life expectancy is for these bridging products.

Cracks expand and contract because they are allowed to. Injection bonds the crack back together and transfers the movement back to the expansion joints as it was designed. Corrosion, a cancer eating away at your parking structure from within exposes itself in spalling concrete at the surface and underside of the deck.

Epoxy injection provides a full depth repair, inhibits crack elongation, encapsulates steel reinforcing, installs quickly, and it is a permanent crack repair method.

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otherwise you may find yourself with major renovation problems in the future.

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