V-Cal Foundation Crack Repairs offers a wide array of services for the industrial market. All our products are designed to cure rapidly in most conditions, allowing jobs to be completed with minimal intrusion. This allows us to offer superior services that are designed to last in the harshest of conditions.

Underground Structures

Parkades, basements and buildings are a few of many structures that can be found below grade. Structures found below ground can have a variety of issues not present above grade. Moisture migration and large cracking are two of the biggest concerns that can be found in structures underground.

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Warehouse Flooring

Foot traffic, vehicles and equipment are all factors that can slowly wear down concrete over time. V-Cal Foundation Repair offers a wide variety of products to restore the damages caused by excessive traffic wear and protect against future degradation.

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Containment Tanks

Large or even small containment vessels are often constructed from concrete materials, all with their own unique requirements. Sometimes liquids will be stored inside of them and other times moisture must be kept from leaching into them.

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Elevator Pits

Elevator pit waterproofing is notoriously difficult. Spaces are confined, and the elevator pit is lower and more likely to be in the water table. V-Cal waterproofing solutions are ideally suited for waterproofing in confined spaces.

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Large Facilities

Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials. It has exceptional durability characteristics, but is susceptible to wear over time. Expansion joints can break down and cracks can become larger over time. Constant equipment use or forklift traffic can lead to gradual wear of the flooring.

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Is your catch basin sinking or sitting to high? Or sitting uneven or is there a hole next to it. We can fix it.  Catch basins are made out of concrete and installed and raised to proper elevations by adding cement square spacers which makes it easy to fix down the road which is called a Standard Catch Basin

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