Concrete Slabs / Flooring

Canada's harsh temperature fluctuations can cause a lot of heaving and ground movement underneath concrete structures. This can leave the concrete slabs at different heights relative to each other, causing a dangerous tripping hazard. V-Cal has a variety of techniques used to eliminate these height differences without having to pump product underneath the slab or remove the concrete altogether. These services can usually be completed in one day with an almost immediate return to use. No tripping hazard is too big or small as the products we use have the flexibility to be mixed as thin or thick as we need them.

Driveways are the biggest contender for residential concrete restoration services. Whether your driveway has light surface defects, inconsistent finishing, or is very badly damaged, Concure can offer a cost effective solution, without the need of tearing out your old driveway. Finishes ranging from concrete color broom finish, all the way to colored decorative stamping patterns are available. Even if your driveway is in great shape, Concure has lots of options to spruce up the look of your home.

Many properties have much more concrete than just driveways and garage floors. Outdoor patios are a great place to spend an afternoon and they are usually made of concrete. This concrete is susceptible to many environmental or manmade problems that may require restoration services. If your patio is deteriorated, spalling, unlevel, poorly finished, cracking, sinking, or any number of other problems, V-Cal can find a solution.

Using the very best concrete repair materials, V-Cal can repair a wide number of damaged or deteriorated stairs, without the need to remove them. This approach will leave customers with a stair case having superior performance characteristics as compared to a concrete counterpart and a warranty doubling the industry standard. V-Cal's approach is never to leave a 'patch', but to completely rebuild and restore any concrete we work on. This ensures the life of the project well beyond its intended service life.

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