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Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials. It has exceptional durability characteristics, but is susceptible to wear over time. Expansion joints can break down and cracks can become larger over time. Constant equipment use or forklift traffic can lead to gradual wear of the flooring. A majority of the time the concrete is in good shape with the exception of a few areas.

Epoxy injection is the procedure by which a 100% solid, high strength resin is injected under pressure into concrete cracks and similar voids in structures. Epoxy injection has a reputation of being a structural repair procedure, and it is. However, the vast majority of concrete crack injection applications are structural preservation rather than repair; that is instances where resin is injected into faults in order to keep good concrete good rather than restore design strengths. Sealing cracks to protect reinforcement is the most common example. V-Cal Foundation Crack Repair has been performing epoxy injection for over 12 years. Applications have included parking structures, columns, trusses and equipment and column pad base plate grouting to minimize vibration.

If you are seeking some general maintenance on your floor to maintain its lifespan, V-Cal has the solution. Whether it is crack repairs, expansion joint remediation, concrete densification, or any other concern, call today to learn how we can assist.

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