V-Cal Concrete Crack Repair is committed to sustainable management and conservation of the environment throughout its operations and by promoting sustainable management solutions to its clients and on its projects. At V-Cal Foundation Crack Repair, sustainability is achieved by striving to meet our clients’ needs, while at the same time taking into account the needs of our people, our community and the environment as a whole. We will continually seek to minimize adverse impacts on the environment and local communities, while operating ethically and responsibly.

V-Cal Concrete Crack Repair understands it has an important role to play in helping to sustain the environment, seeking to discuss and develop ways to meet local and global challenges. Our environmental awareness priorities are shared ones throughout our organization and we support and encourage an open exchange of ideas with stakeholders, clients, government bodies and communities to develop, implement and improve solutions.


Continually aim to improve the Environmental Management System or CEMP to ensure that it is appropriate and effective for helping us to achieve our environmental goals
Develop environmental objectives and targets, and implement programs to achieve them
Comply with applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice and other requirements
Implement “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” green awareness programs to encourage all personnel to be involved in environmental management and ensure that all employees understand and use correct methods to minimise resource consumption and control waste materials
Identify materials, processes, products and wastes that may cause pollution. Promote and implement measures to avoid, reduce or control pollution where technically and economically viable.


V-Cal Concrete Crack Repair maintains a Construction Environmental Management System (CEMP) to improve its environmental management and reduce the environmental impact of its operations, products and services contributing to a sustainable future for all. All employees at V-Cal Concrete Crack Repair are responsible for adhering to these objectives to ensure the best Environmental outcomes. Management is responsible for ensuring adherence to the Environmental Management System and for recording the impact of environmental improvements.

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