V-Cal Concrete Crack Repairs is a solution based organization working closely with our customers. We will identify the area of concern with their concrete structure and design and implement a full scale restoration service. It is our goal to discover the initial reason for the issue, as to prevent any possibility of the problem reoccurring. We have designed all our services around a fast 'return to service' schedule, causing minimal downtime for our customers. Many facets of the commercial industry require continuous production, with little to no downtime.

Underground Parking

V-Cal performs parking structure repairs using epoxy injection and urethane injection to stop leaks. A permanent crack repair technique to protect steel reinforcing from corrosion, the main cause for parking deck deterioration. Corrosion occurs when water and de-icing salts from cars are allowed to enter cracks along their lengths where they intersect steel reinforcing.

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Expansion Joints

Properly treated expansion joints will lead to less deterioration and a longer life of the concrete structure. Whether you have small joints between concrete pads, or large movement joints between suspended structural slabs, V-Cal has options for you.

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Roadways / Runways

With a full time schedule and little room for downtime, airports and highways are perfect jobsites for V-Cal's team. With our large selection of rapid curing mortars and flexible fast curing crack repairs, runways and roadways will see the smallest interruption possible.

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Structural Restoration

Concrete damage will often go beyond slight surface imperfections, all the way to complete failure of structural integrity. V-Cal's team will work closely with engineers and site consultants to design custom restoration packages for large concrete damage.

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Is your catch basin sinking or sitting to high? Or sitting uneven or is there a hole next to it. We can fix it.  Catch basins are made out of concrete and installed and raised to proper elevations by adding cement square spacers which makes it easy to fix down the road which is called a Standard Catch Basin

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Waterproof Overlays

V-Cal uses "methyl methacrylate" (MMA) as its primary type of bridge deck overlay, but in some cases a bridge's physical characteristics, such as lightweight design or narrow roadway width, will not allow using a modified concrete overlay. Thin polymer overlays offer more rapid construction, curing in 1 to 2 hours compared to 42 hours for a modified concrete overlay.

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