Catch Basin Repair

Catch basins repair is an important part of maintain to road blockage & leakage. When catch basins are not properly maintained, they can fail to work properly, causing flooding or even posing a safety risk.

Is your catch basin sinking or sitting to high? Or sitting uneven or is there a hole next to it. We can fix it. 
Catch basins are made out of concrete and installed and raised to proper elevations by adding cement square spacers which makes it easy to fix down the road which we call a Standard Catch Basin

But not all catch basins are built installed equal. In the early days they used mostly bricks and cement. We call these Old Fashion Catch Basins.

Seasonal changes in temperature can subject a catch basin to cracks and breaks, so Carey’s Asphalt Paving will examine it to see if there is any damage. The basin could also have shifted over time because of water that has been caught in it.

If so, V-Cal will replace any split catch basin rings and then adjust them to an appropriate elevation to ensure proper drainage. They will then backfill the area with new crushed stone and concrete it or pave it necessary.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you think you may have a concrete repair issue,
otherwise you may find yourself with major renovation problems in the future.

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